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for Android by Tencent Games


Have you ever wondered why the technology industry makes millions of dollars off the Game for Peace? Well if you had thought that it was only a game and nothing more, you were wrong. The people behind the Game for Peace are in the business of making money off the downloads of people who download the Game for Peace software and then decide to pay the developer to make the application. The Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world so with millions of downloads, the developers would get thousands of dollars if they could get their application to run on Android.

The Android developers made a game called El Guapo for the Android but now that it has already been downloaded more than 300 million times, they will be selling the game as an actual application. And what is so bad about this is that they have the ability to control what people do on their phones and know all their contacts. Some of the features of the application include the ability to track the GPS location of a person. The application also allows a user to upload pictures taken by their cell phone camera. In addition, if a person selects one of their friends, they can send them a text message or a picture directly from the application.

There is really no reason to pay a game developer for a game that is already free. Not everyone wants to pay for a game, but most people are going to want to buy a video game at some point. If you do not want to spend money on the game or not wanting to buy the application then you can download it for free over at the web.

by Tencent Games
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